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The Ushers at St. Mary Parish serve the parish community as ambassadors in creating an open, spiritual and welcoming atmosphere during the liturgy of the Mass. We offer welcome to all as a fundamental expression of the Gospel and as a life-giving practice.

We strive to help all those needing assistance as they move in their own spiritual commitment to God and Jesus Christ. We work to maintain the orderly presentation of the liturgy and to assist the Pastor at his direction and purpose.

We provide this is a spirit of joy, dependability, tenderness and reverence

We are a hospitality ministry that attends to various duties during the masses including collection of the gifts, providing guidance to parishioners and overall participation in the liturgy of the Mass.

We assist the Pastor and Sacristan in various duties at the Pastors direction. 
Ushers provide seating assistance, collect the gifts, choose a family to participate in the Eucharistic procession, provide greeting and welcome to all, act as first responders in emergency situations, participate in the closing procession, act as information providers to parishioners as the need arises, help in making the Church presentable after all Masses.

Time Commitment is approximately 1 hour to 1 1/4 hours per week maximum except during times like Advent where additional mass scheduling is the norm. ( Depending on scheduling, not every week is scheduled and usually, we accomodate your particular mass preference.

Less the (1) hour formal training is required with additional training provided at the Masses with the more seasoned Ushers.


We are sometimes asked to help out at the Masses by various Ministries including the various Formation or Youth Ministries in the Parish Community
Contact information: Ray Stone

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