St. Mary Parish Knights of Columbus,

Fr. William F. Welch Council No. 11756

The Knights of Columbus is a men’s organization focused on prayer and fraternity among its members. The Knights are also an organization which prides itself in serving, helping and supporting local communities.  The Knights join men together for a common cause based on our Catholic faith.

We are a family oriented Catholic Fraternal Society open to practical Catholic men age 18 and over.  We are one of over 13,000 councils comprising over 1.7 million members world-wide.

We are in need of Catholic men and their families who want to put their faith into action by performing works of charity.  Some of our activities include:  fish fries, pancake breakfasts, a tootsie roll drive for the mentally impaired, and helping with Festival of Trees.

No training required.  Members should be willing to serve others and be involved in Church and community projects with a positive attitude.

The Knights of Columbus Father William F. Welch Council No. 11756 has held a multiple drawing date raffle the past twenty-three years.  The funds raised from this raffle have helped us with our Church, Council, Family, Community and Youth activities.  Here is your opportunity to become a part of an exciting and fun filled raffle.



                        DRAWING DATES             TIME             PRIZE

                        August 5, 2021                        6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        September 2, 2021                  6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        October 7, 2021                      6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        November 4, 2021                  6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        December 2, 2021                   6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        January 6, 2022                       6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        February 3, 2022                     6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        March 3, 2022                        6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        April 7, 2022                           6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        May 5, 2022                            6:55 p.m.         2 $ 25.00

                        May 21, 2022                         6:00 p.m.         $ 50.00



Total Prizes Awarded                                                 $1,000.00


  1. Only 100 tickets will be available for sale at $25.00 each.


  1. Each ticket admits one person to the Fr. Welch 100 Raffle Celebration Evening on May 21, 2022, where the final three prizes will be drawn; additional admission tickets may be purchased during the month prior.


                If you wish to purchase a number for this year’s raffle please send your payment payable to “Fr. William F. Welch Council No. 11756” prior to August 5, 2021, to Edward Taylor, 3205 Negaunee Trail, Clyde, MI 48049, along with a note with your first, second and third choice of the ticket number you wish.  If you have any questions feel free to call me at home (810) 987-9270 or cell phone (810) 434-9258 or e-mail

            “Contributions, gifts, etc, paid or given to The Fr. William F. Welch Council Number 11756 of The Knights of Columbus are not deductible as a charitable contribution.”