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St. Mary Catholic Community has begun the sale of commemorative brick pavers. The pavers will go in the walkway portion of the landscaping project in front of the church.

The brick paver walkway will form the path to the Blessed Virgin Mary statue and will be surrounded by beautiful, peaceful landscaping to aid in prayer reflection with our Patron Saint.

The pavers will give everyone a chance to have displayed a “forever” memorial to family and loved ones or to those special people in our lives. Each paver will have a maximum of three lines, 13 characters/numbers per line. The cost of each paver is $100, but please consider the purchase of multiple pavers. The proceeds of the paver sale will be used to fund the completion of the project which will include beautiful plants and greenery, lighting, flowers, benches, irrigation, and more.

Please consider supporting this parish project by purchasing a paver and forever being a part of this wonderful endeavor.

Please email Maryann Easton at with any questions.






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