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Music Ministry

The mission of the the Music Ministry is to encourage the parish to sing the musical portions of the liturgy.


Depending on skill level and preference, the following opportunities are available:


• Cantors: These are soloists who sing the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation for Choir-led Masses. In the absence of the Choir, they lead the singing for the entire Mass. Cantors typically sing 1-3 Masses a month.


• Musicians (flute, violin, and occasionally, trumpet) add beauty to the music of the Mass. The "Gather" music books are available for both C and B-flat instruments. Musicians typically play 1-3 Masses per month.


Participation in the Music Ministry requires specific skills: for singers, the ability to sing on pitch; for musicians, the ability to read music and to play an instrument skillfully. The Music Ministry welcomes high school and middle school students.

Please contact our Music Minister, Suzanne Doherty with any questions: or call or text 810-300-0435.


"People frequently come forward after Mass to tell us how much the music means to them. (That's a good thing.) Choir members frequently comment that they have grown in their understanding of the Mass as a result of being a part of the Music Ministry. (That's an even better thing!) For example, many did not realize until joining Choir that the music we sing is carefully selected to support Liturgy for that particular Mass. That growth in understanding leads to a fuller, more active participation in the Mass, which is foundational to 'Unleashing the Gospel'."

-Suzanne Doherty, Music Minister

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