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We are excited to begin the planting of our new garden in front of the church to finish off the renovation of the entrance way.  Our garden has been designed and we are asking our parishioners to place an order for Commemorative Bricks to be used to pave the garden walkway.  We are creating a Brick Walkway thru the garden and invite you to participate by purchasing a Commemorative Brick which will be used in its construction.  The monies raised by the sale of the bricks will help to pay for both the new garden as well as the walkway itself.  The cost of each brick will be a donation of $100 dollars.


Please consider buying multiple bricks to support this project!



Maximum:   Three Lines

Maximum:   13 characters per line

Letters and Numbers only (no symbols)


Name of Purchaser__________________________________________

Phone #______________________________________________________



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I have checked the accuracy of this order and give my approval of the text message as it appears on the form above 

Please print and return with payment. 

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