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Lectors assist the celebrant by reading the first two readings at Mass, as well as the Psalm if that is not handled by the musicians.  They also usually offer the Prayers of the Faithful as well as the announcements at the end of Mass.


There are two time commitments.  One is the time required at whatever Mass you are scheduled for, which takes about 10 minutes per Mass.  Lectors are scheduled on a rotation that usually has them serving every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how many ministers are available for a given Mass. The other time commitment is the time required to attend periodic training for certification as a Lector.  This may require attending an additional training session once or twice a year, usually on a weekday evening.  These sessions typically last no longer than an hour.


Initial certification is done during a training session that typically lasts about an hour. This is a liturgical ministry that involves proclaiming the Word of God during Divine Worship.  As such, ministers must be mature, confirmed Catholics in good standing with the Church.  The ministry also requires the ability to speak publicly with ease and clarity. Lectors are scheduled as individuals, who designate which Mass(es) they prefer.  If you can't make a particular Mass for which you're scheduled, it is your responsibility to find someone to substitute for you.


Contact: Karen Gamalski, Parish Offices, (810) 982-7906

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