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Evangelization Ministry

The Evangelization ministry volunteers are called on to do a wide range of things from assisting and participating at book clubs, helping at mass events like our recent Mass video series or special evangelization presentations like the Awaken ministry. Participating at SPSE opportunities(St. Paul Street Evangelization) is another opportunity to help spread the Good News of the Gospels. Members may use their writing gifts for articles in the Parish bulletins or other venues.  They may however, just commit to talking about their faith to others.  We also display our Catholic faith in service to others at home, our work place,  our parish or in the greater community. The time commitments vary depending on the program or efforts at hand but usually and can ebb and flow accordingly. We could use another 3-4 committed volunteers but will take all and any who have a firm desire to spread the word of God to others through evangelization and service.

MEETINGS: The Evangelization Committee meets every other month at a day we usually decide based on everyone's availability, but never on Mondays or Fridays. We try and use email, text and phone conversations to keep communication current as to avoid having too much time wrapped up in formal meetings.  For more information, please contact Tony Paladino at

Testimonial from an Evangelization Ministry Team Member:

"The Evangelization Ministry team at St. Mary is 'doing the Father's will'. At the end of every Mass, Father Zbig sends us forth with the words, "Go forth, the Mass has ended". We reply, "Thanks be to God". Jesus also told the apostles in John 20:21, "As the Father has sent me, even so I send you". (Unleash the Gospel) When I heard the sending forth at the end of mass, I guess I didn't really consider God was talking to ME. I assumed he was talking to the people in the pew next to me. I don't have any musical talent or special training in scripture or any kind of degree or study in Theology. About six years ago, I felt God calling me to do more in my life for Him. I prayed to know and to do his will but I was secretly hoping he would leave me in the comfortable spot that I was in, you know, not to many commitments and not more work. I was living on my time and my way just living a very self -centered life. As far as I was concerned I go to work, attend Mass, to to confession and occasionally, help where and when I could. Then, I asked God if he really wanted to to do more, could he send me a 'message' or in some kind of way let me know what he wanted from me. In April of 2013, my world was shattered.  We found out that our first grandchild was not expected to live much past birth due to a rare condition our daughter had during pregnancy. Many of my friends had recently become grandparents and we were looking forward to this blessing. Our granddaughter, Annibelle, was born and died on May 25 of that same year. She was beautiful and I asked God why he called her home so quickly. (God has since sent Annibelle two beautiful sisters to help watch over her parents)! About a year or two later, we woke up to a flood of water invading our home and lost many material possessions. We also had to move out for five months during reconstruction. I share these things because I learned that Jesus was walking with me during these difficult moments. He healed me from my earthly attachments. He took my cross and carried it for me and has never left me. He used every tear and moment of sorrow to change my heart and draw my soul close to him. I thank God everyday for sending me "the message" and helping me live the Gospel in my heart. He taught me that we can show his love in prayer, in a smile, through a helping hand, with a listening ear or in a calm voice. The Evangelization Ministry is nothing more than sharing the good news of our Savior's love. No experience needed. God is calling you. He will place you exactly where you need to be and all you need to say is Jesus, In trust in YOU. One of the places God has called me to evangelize is at the Food Depot. On earth, we are called to be his hands and his feet. He brings pure joy to my heart when people ask God to bless us for helping them or when they thank you for treating them with respect and dignity. It seems like such a small thing but it isn't. As our Blessed Mother Mary told the servants at the wedding in Cana, do whatever ever he tells you! You will receive much more that you can ever hope to give. Go.....make difference in the world!.............UNLEASH HIS GOSPEL!"

- Sally Bremer

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