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My Dear People,

Time has an old saying which we have all heard before and that is “Life goes on”. Simply put, it means that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in or to what issues we find ourselves facing, life marches on oblivious to our own individual struggles.  While this can give us pause for thought, to us Christians, it should be a glorious and hopeful thought.  Why?  Because we know that life isn’t some package of unconnected events but a tightly orchestrated wonder that is the will of God.

So, we should be comforted by the fact that while our current trials and fears may be beyond our control, they are not beyond the control of our heavenly Father.

So in keeping those thoughts in mind, we continue to work in help fulfilling God’s plan for our St. Mary Catholic community.  I thought it might be a good time to highlight the progress in the physical changes that have taken place on our campus and those currently  in the planning stages.

Let’s review.  In the last several years, we have seen our parking lot resurfaced and work done to our parish office building including new windows, sidewalk repair, brick restoration and a new roof put on. Our maintenance barn in the back wasn’t forgotten and received some much needed siding.  Our school now enjoys the comfort and technology afforded by a new library constructed in the Marydale complex. And, one of those Marydale buildings  now benefits from a new roof.

Perhaps the most notable changes have been to the church itself.  We have seen new tile flooring in the church and nothing short of a complete remodel and update to the sanctuary including a new altar.  More recently, new flooring has been installed in the hallway between the church and social hall creating a fresh, new look.  And, we have all patiently awaited the completion of our new addition which will house much needed new bathrooms and a small multipurpose room that will also be used by bridal parties on that special wedding day. I am happy to tell you that addition will be finished shortly.

I am also excited to tell you that the planning continues.  Soon, the new concrete work in front of the church will be started and a committee is currently working on plans for a beautiful landscape transformation just west of the new addition.  And finally, a committee is studying and will be making final recommendations to changes and updates to our church kitchen.

I want to personally thank all of you for your work and contributions that are making all these things possible.


And finally, we see that life does indeed go on, a very encouraging thing, to say the least.  We should be encouraged by looking past those things that currently occupy too much of our time and thoughts.  Remember, God asks us to draw close to him, walk in His holy way, submit ourselves completely to His holy will and to trust Him in all things.  If we do these things, He will bless us with innumerable graces and He, very encouragingly, will take care of all the rest.


Yours in Christ,


Rev. Zbigniew  Zomerfeld, PHD, Pastor

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